Q: How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

A: At the risk of sounding elusive, we really must say that “it depends”. The scope of the bathroom renovation dictates how long the project will take. For example, if you are relocating your fixtures and reconfiguring the room, the actual construction will obviously take a little bit longer, approx. 3-4 weeks. A simple bathroom renovation can be completed in approx. 3 weeks. Key factors are: permitted working hours in the building, accessibility of pipe work, how much electric wiring is involved, condition of the floor and walls, etc.

Q: How is rubbish disposal organised?

A: All rubbish is to be collected at the end of the installation process if possible. When it is not possible due to e.g. lack of space. It could be arranged twice or more during the installation and it will incur an extra charge.

Q: Will I have the WC available every day?

A: Yes, we will always reconnect the WC to make sure it is available every day and in the evenings. In the very rare occasion that it may not be possible to reconnect the WC for 1 night because if the floor tiling is not fully dry. The weight of the pan or person walking into the bathroom could affect the integrity of the tiling. In such rare occasion, the customer would be notified in advance.

Q: Access to the property?

A: We would ask the customer to arrange a set of keys for easy access to the property. This allows the customer to continue their normal duties without being inconvenienced by the presence of our installers and having to stay at home to give access. We always pay great attention to keep the property locked and secured.

Q: Shutting the water off?

A: There will be occasions when we will need to close to water supply. It usually lasts for approximately 2 hours and the customer is always notified in advance to allow arrangements for washing, etc. Very often when service valves are available, is not necessary to shut the water as we can isolate the bathroom from the rest of the property. We may also install new service valves if it does not affecting the rest of the water system in the property.

Q: Building materials?

A: We always use top quality materials for our projects, supplied from well known manufacturers and whom comply with British standards and regulations. In most of our quotes, cost of the building materials is included in the total installation cost and it is our choice of product which is used according to the circumstances. If the customer would like to specify their own brands/manufacturers for the building materials, we need to know in advance as it may occur additional charges (some brands are significantly more expensive than others but not always reflected in the quality).

Q: Waterproofing?

A: All shower and bath surroundings are waterproof before tiling starts. We usually use waterproof matts or similar products on the walls and floors. In addition, the flexible matt used on the floor is also a great prevention for potential future cracks in the tiles caused by structural movement. Wetrooms are always fully tanked.

Q: Is my property going to be secured from dust/damage?

A: Any building works in the property involve creating dust. We always do our best to keep it to a minimum, and to protect the property as much as possible by covering floors with protective films and working areas with industry leading impact absorbent sheets. At the end of each working day we leave the working areas clean to ensure you come back to your home and not a building site.

Q: How about water Pressure?

A: It is very important to choose to right fittings according to the water system installed in the property. Always when possible, during the first site visit we would measure the water pressure to help you choose the right brassware. For example, some of them are only suitable for high pressure systems (e.g most of unvented cylinders, pumps) and would not work correctly with combination boilers with lower pressure. Always double check with the retailer when selecting your bathrooms fixtures. (e.g large shower head with high pressure valves would not work with 1.5 bar gravity or combination boiler systems).

Q: Can you provide bespoke services?

A: Yes, very often we are asked to create bespoke furniture, mirrors, stone and marble, etc. We would be glad to supply our service to our customers.

Q: Can you install Sauna's and Steam rooms?

A: We have the right knowledge and experience to install both Saunas and Steam rooms. We are also accredited by Effegibi, a world leading manufacturer of Saunas and Steam generators.

Q: How do I accept your quotation?

A: To accept our quotation you would need to notify us in writing (email is ok) and pay a deposit to secure a start date.

Q: Do you accept card payments?

A: Yes, we do accept card payments (All except Amex).


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