Can your toilet help you live longer?

Well Toto (One of our favourite toilet brands), are trying to do just that.

Have a look at this article from

Toto Intelligence Toilet II smart toilet for your London home

“Toto’s newest smart john, the Intelligence Toilet II, is proving that it is more than an ordinary porcelain throne by recording and analyzing important data like weight, BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.  

There’s a “sample catcher” in the bowl that can obtain urine samples. Even by Japanese standards that’s impressive. Yes it has the bidet, the air dryer, and heated seat, but it’s also recording pertinent information. This information is beamed to your computer via WiFi and can help you, with the guidance of a trained physician, monitor health and provide early detection for some medical conditions. Graphs on your desktop PC will show how your glucose levels have been fluctuating, along with urine temperatures. These trends can help diabetics time insulin shots as well as give insight into hormone levels for women concerned with their menstrual cycles. Trying to have a baby? Not sure when your most likely to conceive? Ask your toilet for help. Read more here…”

Our bathroom fitters have been through the Toto training here in London so are approved Toto installers. Make sure your Toto toilet is installed correctly first time with Hamilton Bathrooms.

If you’re interested in a having a Toto toilet or washlet fitted in your home, please give us a call on 02077388967 otherwise 

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